View and Manage your M-PESA transactions on the GO

M-Ledger is a full-featured Android application that helps you manage and make sense of your M-PESA transactions all on your phone.


An M-PESA Dashboard

Finally, an M-PESA dashboard showing your recent transactions and current balance. We are also M-PESA users and we got tired of having to dig through our sms's to find our simple M-PESA details like current balance etc. and this motivated us to create m-ledger for android.

Totals of all your Transactions

M-Ledger will automatically total your transactions by time, person or transaction type etc giving you a truly unique view of your mobile money history all on your phone. This feature is unique to m-ledger.


See who send and receive from the most

M-Ledger features a Top 10 list of the people (and businesses) that you send and recieve from the most.


Security for your M-PESA Transactions

We know privacy is important to you, that's why we added an option that will require a 4 digit PIN in order to use it. You can rest assured that only YOU can see your M-PESA transactions.


A Back-up for your M-PESA Transactions

Lost your phone or planning on getting a new one and fear losing your previous transactions? Fear no more, M-Ledger's backup and restore feature lets you restore all your transactions back onto your phone, instantly.

All this and much much more, m-ledger comes with a host of features, we'll let you discover the rest for yourself. If you have any questions about any of the features mentioned, or you have a cool feature we should consider adding, please feel free contact us. We welcome all feedback.