M-PESA is more than just mobile money

Let's face it, M-PESA is now a vital part of our lives, from paying bills to settling debts or even receiving your salary, M-PESA has transformed our lives. As we use M-PESA to carry out more and more transactions it becomes clear that M-PESA is more than just a mobile money transfer platform, it's a way of life.

Safaricom M-Ledger is a FREE android application that transforms your M-PESA data into meaningful financial information on your smart phone, and in conjunction with mledger.safaricom.com, provides individuals and businesses an unprecedented view of their financial status as seen from M-PESA.

Here's how it all works:

M-Ledger on your Android Phone

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, simply download it and follow the application instructions.

The app will scan all the received SMS messages sent by M-PESA for all your transactions and build a database from that information. M-ledger is currently only available for Android devices and has a host of useful features including:

  • Instant View of your Current M-PESA balance
  • Import up to 6 months of your M-PESA transactions into the app
  • Calculate M-PESA transaction costs
  • Recent Transactions
  • Total amount sent and received over time
  • Transactions per person
  • Total amount by type (pay bill, sent etc)
  • Top 20 ranking of recipients
  • Automatic Backup & Restore of your transactions
  • Various charts and graphs

And so much more. Get the app and try it out for yourself.

M-Ledger on the Web

Once you have installed the app, just use M-PESA as you normally do, in the background the m-ledger android application will scan your inbox for SMS messages sent by M-PESA and build a database of your transactions. It will then automatically sync your data with mledger.safaricom.com, (an Internet connection will be required), where they will be stored securely for you to view later.

In addition to being the cloud storage for your transactions from your phone, mledger.safaricom.com also contains a host of features that you can use from your computer or tablet, including:

  • Spreadsheet of your transactions
  • Export your data to Excel, PDF, Word etc
  • Additional charts and graphs of your data

If you're worried about someone seeing your data, don't worry, all connections between the application and the cloud server are encrypted, so nobody will see your transactions other than yourself.