Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is M-Ledger?

    Safaricom M-Ledger is a mobile app (currently only on android) that runs on your phone and creates powerful information for your M-PESA transactions from existing M-PESA sms messages.
  2. How does it work?

    M-Ledger works by searching through a database and displaying 6 months of M-PESA history upon download of the application. This data is then compared with your existing M-PESA SMS messages.
  3. Can I get messages that are already deleted?

    Yes. At the moment you can get up to 6 months of your historical data transactions. In future more may be available.
  4. Can I get it on iPhone, Windows Phone, and other platforms?

    There are plans to bring M-ledger to iPhone and Windows Phone platforms in the near future.
  5. Is M-Ledger secure?

    Yes. M-Ledger's data on your phone cannot be accessed by any other app. M-Ledger also has an inbuilt PIN protection feature which you can enable. Each time you open the app, you will be prompted to enter a secret PIN (Not your M-PESA PIN) that only YOU know.
    You are responsible for the safe-keeping of your pin and by downloading the application you accept to ensure the safety of your data.
  6. Is M-Ledger free?

    Yes. M-Ledger is a free service. Standard Safaricom data charges for prepay and post pay customers apply for back-up and restore services, the appropriate charges are available on the Safaricom website on
  7. What happens if I buy another phone?

    Once you have installed M-Ledger and allowed it to back-up your data to Safaricom Cloud, your data will be automatically uploaded whenever an internet connection is available on your device. Should you purchase a new phone, you can get your last 6 months history from day of installation as well as data previously backed up.
  8. Can I view my transactions on the internet?

    Yes. If you provide an email address during M-Ledger installation, your transactions will be accessible as long as you log onto using your email address. You can also set up a personal finance management account and track your spending against your budget.
  9. I have the previous version of M-Ledger, if I install the Safaricom version, do I lose my data?

    No. However old M-Ledger users will be allowed free upload of their data prior to installing the new version. All that is required is that you open the old version of M-Ledger and subscribe to Premium Service (at no cost to you) and your data will be backed up if there is an internet connection. You can then uninstall the old version and install the Safaricom version and restore your data.
  10. Can I get PayBill, BuyGoods and USSD codes on M-Ledger?

    Yes. Mledger allows you to search for Lipa na Mpesa, Bank USSD codes and PayBill numbers. Bank USSD codes and PayBill numbers are downloaded to your device upon first initiation of the search functionality while BuyGoods numbers are searched Online due to the large data quantity. Normal Data rates apply.
  11. I had paid for the previous version of M-Ledger already. Do I get a refund?

    No. Only premium users on the monthly plan, who had already paid ahead, will get a refund for the time they have not consumed.