Safaricom M-Ledger is an online service for individuals & businesses that use M-PESA.

M-Ledger is a full-featured Android application that helps you manage and make sense of your M-PESA transactions all on your phone. The app is free and can be obtained from the Google Play Store.

M-Ledger comes with a host of features:
  • How much money you send and receive over time
  • The Top 20 people you send and receive from money the most
  • Password protect your transactions so only you can view them
  • Transaction cost calculator to calculate M-PESA charges
  • Weekly e-mail statements
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View all your M-PESA transactions from the comfort of your PC or tablet.
In addition to viewing your transactions on your phone, subscribe to Safaircom M-Ledger's monthly subscription and view your transactions from the comfort of your PC or Tablet.


Export to all major document formats.
Safaricom M-Ledger allows you to export all your M-PESA transactions to Excel, PDF, Word etc and from there print or perform any additional analysis required.

Trends & Analysis

Visualise your transactions.
Analyse trends as seen from M-PESA. Our charts and graph's offer stunning insights into how you use M-PESA.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance.
Create a personal account and effortlessly import M-PESA tranactions, or manually create them and see how much your stay within or exceed your montly budget.

Get the Safaricom M-Ledger app today for free from the Google Play Store or the Safaricom App Store.